About Us

Who we are ~ What we do for YOU

  • Interactive Entertainments is a developer of custom smartphone apps for local businesses who want a useful and profitable method of reaching new and existing clientele.
  • We are a worldwide team of developers with a system of "customized app development" for retail, restaurant, or walk-in business type activity. The apps we customize for each business will contain relevant features to maintain the 'feel' of the company website, and the interactivity required to make the app useful: ex. online ordering, book a table, call us, email us, see the event calendar or view the Virtual tour, just for examples.
  • Our apps are built with building blocks of code, much like modern day websites.  Therefore building the app consists of adding the appropriate features that make sense to the business.  Indeed it takes about the same amount of time to build as does a medium sized website ~ 20-30 hours.
  • Our world wide development staff has perfected the system needed to produce professional apps that meet the standards of both the iTunes and Google Play stores.  You can easily share your custom iPhone or Android app by pointing people to either store.
  • Your customized, fun, interactive app from Interactive Entertainments MUST BE PROFITABLE, or it will serve no value.  We virtually guarantee the app will be profitable for the business owner but it will require some clever creativity on YOUR part.  You control the out-reach.
  • Businesses who reach out to their customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr will have those features included in our design for their custom app. Regardless if the app users have accounts to any social media - they will see the Social Media stream from each - because the app will display it with no preference of the user logging in.  The app becomes a valuable extension of your Social campaigns because you'll see next how you can 'Notify' your app users of any new Social posts, "in case they missed it."

Your Creativity begins once you login to your Dashboard

You take Full Control of your Marketing & Out-Reach Campaigns

We provide you with a Dashboard to control your custom app

  • Once logged in you're faced with a screen similar to the one BELOW.
  • You can see the individual features comprising your custom app
  • Some are considered 'static' and won't usually change
    • location
    • FB page (the Facebook URL) {you don't post to Social Media from here}
    • Menu location (the URL of the online menu)
    • Phone Number
    • Hours of operation
    • Reservations (the form used)
    • Sister Restaurant (linked to the menu of another restaurant)
  • Other features are 'dynamic' and you should ADD to them and change them occasionally
    • Coupons (edit this feature, add a photo and some text)
    • Loyalty Cards (set up the terms of the 'punches')
    • Image Gallery (new photos are added here){optional feature added for those businesses who'd enjoy it}


  • Notice the RED ARROW in the image BELOW.
  • Illustrated in the steps below is what you would do to get your customer's attention and interactivity.
    1. Click the "Notification icon"  ------------> we're gonna force people to 'Open their App'
    2. Add the text of your message that will appear in the Notification pop-up at the top of every iPhone/Android
    3. With a drop-down menu - set the app page where you want the notification to 'Link': ex. Coupon, FB stream,  Event, etc.
    4. Optionally select the geographic area and the notification schedule
    5. Then simply ~ Push 'da button