Ali Baba Grill

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Ali Baba Grill - Best of Boulder and Denver

The Ali Baba Grill is a growing chain of Syrian & Lebanese cuisine.  Currently it has 4 locations and 2 more are in the works.  The app gives the user the ability to see the location and hours of operation for each restaurant.

To the right are a few features included that restaurant owners find worthwhile.

Available in the Google Play Store

View the Virtual Tour

3 out of the 4 restaurant locations have had a Virtual tour constructed in HTML5 which is perfect for viewing on any phone.

Online Ordering & Delivery

Restaurants who've implemented an online order system can offer the convenience through the app.

Ali Baba Restaurant Locations

There are 4 locations.  If the user touches any one of them, she will be given guided directions from her location.

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