DP Dough ~ CU Boulder

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DP Dough voted Boulder's Best

DP Dough in Boulder is perfectly positioned just outside the sites of Boulder High and the CU Campus.  They are part of a national chain of take-out & delivery restaurants with award winning recipes. 

The app helps the user keep up with the steady stream of Social Media posts and Calzone 'giveaways'.  The owner/manager can control the coupon enticements and the Loyalty Card programs.  Users can place an online Order for Delivery and there are other fun features.

Listed to the right are a few of the features included:

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The Company YouTube Channel

DP Dough has produced an interesting assortment of videos and the channel is easily viewed while the customer may be enjoying a calzone.

Loyalty Punch Cards

The owner/manager sets the terms and the users love to collect punches for the FREE calzones.

The Image Gallery

For those who like to keep things new and fresh, the manager can upload new images anytime from the app's dashboard.

Dushanbe Teahouse

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The Dushanbe Teahouse ~ Boulder

The Dushanbe Teahouse is arguably the most interesting restaurant in Boulder, both historically and artistically speaking. 

The Social Media postings are regular and there are many followers. The App will allow the user to keep up with, menus, Social Media posts, and in the Android version are a few stunning virtual tours. 

Illustrated to the right are a few interesting features of the interactivity.

Available in Google Play Store

Tea School

Our apps can link directly to interesting posts and pages of the website.

View Social Media posts

Between Facebook, Twitter & Instagram the Dushanbe can be proud of its following.


Rather than online ordering, the App users can get ideas for their next visit.  All the menus have separate icons

Ali Baba Grill

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Ali Baba Grill - Best of Boulder and Denver

The Ali Baba Grill is a growing chain of Syrian & Lebanese cuisine.  Currently it has 4 locations and 2 more are in the works.  The app gives the user the ability to see the location and hours of operation for each restaurant.

To the right are a few features included that restaurant owners find worthwhile.

Available in the Google Play Store

View the Virtual Tour

3 out of the 4 restaurant locations have had a Virtual tour constructed in HTML5 which is perfect for viewing on any phone.

Online Ordering & Delivery

Restaurants who've implemented an online order system can offer the convenience through the app.

Ali Baba Restaurant Locations

There are 4 locations.  If the user touches any one of them, she will be given guided directions from her location.

the Riverside ~ Boulder

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the Riverside

Boulder Colorado is lucky to have a beautiful event space beside the Boulder Creek.  The Riverside offers shared space and coworking.  The attendees of any event at the Riverside all concur, there is no other better location for an elegant seasonal event.

Listed to the right are a few options that were important to add the right interactivity to the custom app.

Available in the Google Play Store

Events Calendar

The website is kept up by the webmaster and the BLOG is updated.  Subsequently, the Blog FEED is then presented in a stream that is accessible by what we labeled: What's Happening

Book a Desk

This is a direct link to the website's booking page.  It is presented in the app to make sense for the most convenience.

Make Reservations

Book through and email form, with details of your event.

Aperitivo ~ Boulder Colorado

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Aperitivo is a classy and quint piano/wine/coffee/&tapas bar in Gunbarrel Boulder.  The Aperitivo custom app is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Offering full interactivity between the owner and the customer participation, the app has a few features of interest which are listed to the right.

Available in Google Play Store

Book Reservations Online

This app feature works in conjunction with the already implemented online reservation system.

Image Gallery

The business owner has fun adding new pictures to the gallery as they become available.

Order online from menu

Custom Interactive Apps can utilize any of the online ordering systems for the convenience of everyone concerned.

Athletic Bodyworks

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Athletic Bodyworks

Athletic Bodyworks is an independently owned and operated massage and body working studio located within a Fitness Center in Billerica Massachusetts.  It offers a range of services including: massage, reflexology, and assisted stretching.

Listed to the right are just a few of the interactive features that give the Custom App the value for the business's bottom line:

Book an appointment online

The MindBody online service will accept and keep track of appointment slots.


Perfect convenience to the Custom App user.  Pay-on-the-way.

Coupon Extras

The business owner is in charge of what is to be offered to entice the app user back to the establishment.